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Owusu, Asuming and Ayittey were pupils of Duase Junior High School. They were very good companions. The common thing about these three boys was that they came from poor homes. They had problems in paying school fees.  They could only pay for their school fees and upkeep through menial jobs. These included weeding peoples farms, carying loads for people and fetching water for women. They got a lot of money during the farming seasons. Many farmers engaged them to work on their farms. 

One day they decided to go on hunting expedition. They took along Hope, Owusu's hunting dog. They also had catapults and pebbles. Ayittey took a box of matches.They searched in vain for two hours. Suddenly, Hope started barking. The boys became alert. It was a big grass cutter hiding in a thicket. They started weeding and it rushed out. Hope used it's sharp incisors to hold the grasscutter. The two animals struggled. Owusu hit the grass cutter with his machete. The others helped to kill it.

The friends were very hungry. They plucked and ate ripe pawpaw. While eating, bees buzzed around them. Asuming said there would be honey around. They began to search for it. Asuming saw a few drops of honey on the dry leaves near a big tree. They cut a bamboo pole, leaned it against the tree and Owusu climed it to harvest the honey. He scooped a handful and enjoyed it. He also gave some to his friends. 

All of a sudden a swarm of bees attacked Owusu.They stung him allover his body. He screamed for help. He eventually lost his balance on the bamboo pole and fell to the ground.He dislocated his elbow. His two friends shouted for help. No help came. They took him to the roadside. A hunter, Kwesi Kwenu chanced upon them. He put his gun down and dashed into the bush.When he emerged, he was clutching a lot of herbs. He mashed the herbs and smeared the juice on the stings. 

Owusu whose face was swollen could now see. He also massaged the dislocated elbow. The pain was too much for him to bear. He put some herbs on the elbow, covered it with leaves and tied the place with a bush rope. They sent him home. He was sent to the hospital. He was sent to the emergency ward.  He was given two quick injections. The nurses removed the herbs the man had tied on the elbow. They applied some liniment and carefully bandaged the elbow. 

The following day, he was sent to the theatre. The surgeon operated the elbow and put the bones in the right place. The nurses bandaged and put it in a sling. He was asked to go home and report after a week. Owusu's elbow healed completely after three weeks. He could even play in the same team as a goal keeper. They were grateful to the nurses and the doctor at the hospital. 


Once in the city of Venice in Italy lived a businessman. His name was Antonio.He had many ships and was generous to all who came his way. There was another man called Shylock. He was a Jew and a money lender. He was a very wicked man and charged exorbitant interest on loans that he gave to people . 

Because of Antonio's kindness, he had a lot friends. Two of his best friends were Bassanio and Lorenzo. Bassanio's father had died and left him a fortune. Bassanio was irresponsible. He quickly spent all the money his father had left him. He had to rely on Antonio money for his daily needs. 

Anywhere Antonio met Shylock, he insulted him. He called Shylock names like camel, wicked, unbeliever and a cut-throat dog. Shylock did not like the insults one bit and bore Antonio agrudge. He swore he would repay him one day. Bassanio met a very rich lady called Portia. She was a native of Belmont he fell in love with her but had no money on him because all his ship had gone to sea. 

They went to Shylock for a loan. Shylock was surprised that Antonio who who had insulted him and said bad things about him had come to him for a loan.  He thought in his heart that it was a nice opportunity to revenge on Antonio. He planned to kill Antonio.Shylock said that I will not take any interest on the loan. Go to a lawyer and prepare a bond that if you fail to pay the money, I, Shylock will cut out a pound of your flesh. Antonio agreed, prepared the bond and Shylock gave him the money. 

The time came for Antonio to pay for the loan. He could not pay as it was rumoured that all his ships had been destroyed in violent storms at sea. Shylock caused Antonio's arrest and was put in protective custody. Antonio sent a letter to Bassanio who was then married to Portia about the sad news. Bassanio told his rich wife. She immediately gave Bassanio twenty times the loan Antonio had taken from Shylock to be given to Shylock. Meanwhile, Portia asked for legal advice from Bellano, who was a lawyer and a relative. Bellano gave the advice. He gave her his robes and wigs and a letter introducing Portia as Balthazar a brilliant young lawyer. 

The case came up in the high Court of Venice. Shylock refused to accept twenty times the money he had loaned to Antonio. He insisted on his pound of flesh. Portia asked Shylock to arrange for a surgeon so that Antonio would not bleed to death. Shylock said that was not in the bond. He warned Shylock not to cut more or less than one pound of Antonio's flesh.But Shylock was bent on killing Antonio. He sharpened his long knife and was about to cut Antonio's flesh from his breast. Just as Shylock was about to cut Antonio's flesh Portia asked him to wait. She said there was nothing in the bond which allowed even a drop of blood. He should go ahead and cut the flesh but if there was a drop of blood the state of Venice would deal with him. 

To be continued. 

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