Signs that Proofs You have a defined purpose on earth

Man is a spritual being. There is something great inside you waiting to explode. You were created to be like your creator,  The main reason people tend to feel rejected and disappointed is because they dont know who they are, Immediately you were born you manifested through your voice by crying.

When you were born you were not crying because you were in pains or sorrow but that was a cry to announce your arrival on earth. You told the world that you had come to the world.

Well nobody announced your coming to planet earth by releasing your voice, neither your mother nor the midwives announced you. that is why your life is not in the hands of anybody.


Can you imagine the fight you had to go through in your mothers womb before you came forth? They were different forces that did not want you to be born. so many children of the same age could not survive the fight of delivery, but you did.


The reason you came forth was because you have a purpose and you came out victorious. It does not matter the peril you are passing through in your family,education, workplace.


You are going to become what you are destined to be. But most times people tend to become far from their God and have misplaced priorities.

In economics there is a term called scale of preference where you set your needs in order of importance,

as a representative of God you have to place God first and watch things turn around, Its

not rocket science when you decide to put him first he decides to help you even when you dont deserve him or any of his blessings.

in a simple conclusion  the only way way to manifest and become who you destined to

be is to be closer to your creator and look for something doing jesus is not a magician you have to be involved in something in order for him to bless the works of your hands.



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