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If you are looking for new ways to make money online then you are welcome in the right place as today. We are going to introduce you a platform that pays you money for performing easy tasks. Yoomane.com is a newly released platform that pays each new Registered member 1000 naira for joining the website. When you register with a referral link you will be automatically credited 1000 naira in your account.

This is a honest yoomane reviews discover if the platform is scam or Legit or crashed. How to Login on yoomane.com and performing orders in other to earn. Yoomane team stated that once you join the platform you have to recharge your balance in other to be able to perform your tasks.

What is yoomane.com?

Yoomane ESP claims to be a platform that specializes in providing order exchange services for e-commerce companies.
We can honestly say in other word, yoomane.com is a ponzi ECommerce platform similar to stepworktime and earnmoneyba.

Where you earn money performing different tasks. Such as inviting people to join, by upgrading to higher plan to increase your earnings. We want to make it clear to our readers that yoomane.com is also an investment platform similar to Dev.Racksterli.com ponzi scheme.

Products claims to be served by yoomane.com platform are;
Wal-Mart, Shopee, Lazada and Amazon.

In order to provide more effective order exchange services, we need more users to exchange orders.
Therefore, yoomane platform is willing to allocate profits to each user participating in the exchange of orders.

How to join yoomane.com

To join the yoomane platform you need to visit the Registration link or referral link, sign up with your phone number, password and username. Then verify your phone number with otp sent to your Registered number then proceed to Register.


How to Withdraw on yoomane.com 

  • Login your yoomane.com account 
  • Go to your profile dashboard settings 
  • Click on My Withdrawals account 
  • Fill in your banks details and click submit 


How to earn on yoomane.com?

Earnings depends on the levels and recharge you have. The more recharge balance the more orders you can order on the platform yoomane.com.

step 1:
Click the friend invitation link to enter the registration page;

step 2:
Follow the prompts to fill in the registration content;

step 3:
Download the APP and log in to the account;

step 4:
Click to recharge, recharge a certain amount of margin;
(The more the margin, the larger the order amount, the higher the commission)

step 5:
Choose whether to upgrade the membership level;
(The higher the level, the higher the commission ratio)

Enter the order interface and start ordering;

step 7:
After the order is successfully received, submit the order in time to obtain the commission;

step 9:
Share the invitation link and invite your friends to take orders together, and you will get your friends' income and commission;

step 10:
After earning enough commission, bind the withdrawal account and withdraw cash at any time.

One Yoomane.com account can receive 30 orders in 1 day
The system is based on LBS technology and automatically matches products through the cloud
In order to prevent platform supervision, if the order is matched and the submission is not confirmed within 10 minutes, the system will freeze the order amount for 60 hours, and the system will Automatic defrosting.

Different levels on yoomane.com

Level 0
Selling price: 0 ₦
Number of withdrawals: 1 times
Commission ratio: 0.3%
Withdrawal amount: 50000 ₦/day
Daily order quantity: 30 orders

Level 1
Selling price: 10000 ₦
Number of withdrawals: 2 times
Commission ratio: 0.4%
Withdrawal amount: 100000 ₦/day
Daily order quantity: 30 orders

Level 2
Selling price: 30000 ₦
Number of withdrawals: 3 times
Commission ratio: 0.5%
Withdrawal amount: 300000 ₦/day
Daily order quantity: 30 orders

Level 3
Selling price: 50000 ₦
Number of withdrawals: 5 times
Commission ratio: 0.6%
Withdrawal amount: 500000 ₦/day
Daily order quantity: 30 orders

Tips:Membership level is permanently valid

Yoomane.com levels


How to refer on yoomane.com?

When you refer new members to join this platform you will be rewarded with percentage commissions. You can become an agent of the platform by referring or inviting new members, and agents can get additional dynamic rewards.

Directly push the first-level user reward is 16% of the first-level user’s daily commission, the second-level user reward is 8% of the second-level user’s daily commission, and the third-level user reward is the third-level user’s daily commission. 4%.

For example: you recommend friend A, A is your first generation, A earns 1,000 ₦ every day on the platform, you will get 16%, which is 160 ₦, then A recommends B, and B is your second generation.

B earns 1,000 ₦ on the platform every day, you will get 8%, which is 80 ₦, B recommends C, C is your third generation, and C earns 1,000 ₦ on the platform every day, you will get 4%, which is 40 ₦.This mechanism is not only true for yourself, but also the same bonus system for your subordinates.

1. Start inviting to new members Login to yoomane website
2. Click on invite section
3. Copy your referral link
4. Share to social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp for REFERRALS

yoomane.com plans packages

Yoomane.com levels similar to membership plans can be as follows: There are 4 different levels on yoomane.com. The Free level 0 which has 0 naira selling price, The level 1 with 10,000 naira selling price, level 2 30,000 naira selling price and finally levels 3 with 50,000 naira selling each of this levels has it's own withdrawals minimum and how many times in you can cash out daily.

How much can I make with yoomane.com?

With the yoomane platform you can earn from 5000 naira to 50,000 naira depending on the plans or levels you upgrade to. When you have a higher plans the more your earnings will increase.

Is yoomane.com Legit ?

We won't conclude that yoomane.com platform is legitimate paying platform for now as the platform is still new. No members has gotten paid yet.

Is yoomane.com scam?

Yoomane.com has a 50% of being scam and 50% of being a Legitimate paying platform. Because the platform will reward users with the membership revenue he accumulated.

So for example if none of the yoomane.com members upgrade to any plans it will be difficult for members to get paid as yoomane.com has no alternative of earnings except through levels plans.

Login page of yoomane.com

  • Go to www.yoomane.com
  • Visit the login page
  • Login with your account details

Registration page of yoomane.com

  • Go to www.yoomane.com
  • Visit the signup page
  • Sign up with your account details


When was yoomane.com launched or created ?

Yoomane itself was released on 6th of April 2021. But the domains age was created on 29th on may 2021. We can say that yoomane.com is 11 days old. At the day of writing this reviews.

Who is yoomane.com owner or CEO?

There is no information about owner of yoomane.com platform. He is unknown but we are certain that the website yoomane.com was created by a Nigerian

Can i make a living through yoomane.com?

You cannot make a living through yoomane platform because it's a ponzi scheme that will later crash. So you have to invest wisely.

yoomane.com withdrawals minimum

Yoomane minimum withdrawals on Free levels is on 5000 naira. You are required to earn only 5000 before you can be paid. You can withdraw to your bank by filling your bank details in your yoomane.com account dashboard on setting. Update profile and add your bank info.

Download yoomane.com app

Yoomane.com has an android app that you can download and install in other to make the platform easier for members to access and personalize tasks. You can download the yoomane.com from fileuplod.com

Click here to download the app

Update on Yoomane.com

Withdrawal today, arrive tomorrow, and postpone on the weekend, 3% handling fee will be charged. The withdrawal is reviewed by customer service (only the first review is required), and the withdrawal will start before 24:00 the next day.


The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 ₦, you can withdraw cash without having to withdraw. Thank you for your support and love for this platform, and I wish you a happy part-time job!



This is a newly lunched platform, kindly register now and get free 1000 naira which you will used to grab 20 orders.

What to do you think of this yoomane.com platform ? What's your experience with them. Kindly comment below

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