Beware: See different scams methods used by yahoo boys to Scams people


In Nigeria, the amount of people doing what is known as 'G' or 'yahoo' is very surprising. Due to the frustrating situation of the country and the unemployment that is rampant in the country, some people have now taken to doing 419 or yahoo in order to meet up with their daily needs.



They have now devised several ways in which they can scam victims both in Nigeria and Abroad. So I've now decided to bring awareness to the different ways that you might be scammed in order for you to be alert when you encounter it.

The Following are the Scamming Tricks used by Scammers in Nigeria 

  • Bank notification scam

  • Betting or fixed match scam

  • Giveaway scam

  • Job Agency scam

  • Romance scam


Bank notification scam:

This is one of the most common methods of scamming used by yahoo boys in Nigeria. A lot of them use this method because its very easy as it can be done with just their cellphones. 

The scammer usually poses as their potential victims banks then and sends them messages informing them to update either their account's BVN, ATM, personal details or other info within a short time frame or they'll deactivate or suspend the account.

Because of the deadline given, the victim is usually thrown into a panic and rushes to send them the details. 

Once these details are sent, they scammer can now have access to their account and take as much money as they want from there. 

The best way to deal with this is to search online for the bank's official customer care number and call them to make inquiries, or you can go to the bank and make enquiries.



Betting or fixed match scam:

This scam usually happens to people who play online football betting a lot. 

When you go online, you'll see a lot of people offering you fixed matches whose outcomes are known before that are played with sure odds. You'll even see evidence of previous winnings on their different bets and sometimes testimonies from people. 

These winnings are usually photoshopped and the people are either partners or the scammer using several identities.

They'll usually require you to pay a registration fee and once you pay, you'll either get blocked or they'll give you fake predictions.



Giveaway scam: 

This scam is usually done in the guise of a free giveaway by some companies and is usually seen on social media.

I can personally testify to this scam cause one of my relatives has been a victim before. It usually happens to people on social media platforms. This is how it goes

-(an instagram page): 1 million naira Christmas giveaway, with different prizes.

-You: you click on it out of interest and see that you and other people viewing the page have to solve some minor puzzles like a word scramble or a quiz.

-(instagram page): a winner is announced (out of 10,000 viewers, half of them might win thinking they're the sole winners).

-You: part of the winners (jumps up and down rigorously thinking of how you'll flex the prize), you check the page to confirm and see testimonies of past winners (fake testimonies with fake alerts and fake pictures)

-(instagram page): you can redeem your prize (usually a high end phone) but they're in jalingo( or some other remote state you're probably not in) and they need 5,000 to waybill thephone to you.

- You: foolishly pays the 5,000 and eagerly awaits the prize.

         As you pay the 5,000, na so your money don go.

Before you participate in any kind of activity, search online on Google to see whether the company You're dealing with is actually a legitimate one.



Job Agency scam:

This one is usually done to job seekers. Let's say you're an undergraduate and you need a small job to be able to cope with your daily needs, like an ushering job. You're going to be looking for gigs online and usually, you'll look for an agency that'll help to connect you with jobs.

What these scammers do is that they sometimes pose as legitimate agencies on social media platforms or they use picture from those agencies.

As a job seeker, you'll now go to the page seeking to find opportunities available. 

If you check the pictures of those fake agencies, you'll see that they were gotten from the pages of some authentic ones. They'll usually tell you that you need to register with a sum of money ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 before you can become a member and start getting opportunities.

Once you pay the money, you won't hear from them again, they'll close down the page, you won't see your money again and one yahoo boy will be in his room jumping up and down.



Romance scam:

This is another type of scam that is popular in Nigeria. It usually happens to guys who chase girls on social media. They'll see a girl and like her from her picture not knowing that its actually a yahoo boy using the account. Once they start chatting with the girl, they might think they like her not knowing that they're being set up.

Very soon, they'll start getting several needs from their online lover like ewww no money for credit, or ewww i dont have a good phone or aiii no school fees money.

They'll give willingly to their virtual girlfriend not knowing that they're being scammed.


Relative in danger scam:

In this scam, you receive an urgent call from an unknown number saying that one of your relatives is in danger and an urgent transfer of cash is needed in order to save him/her. 

This scam works when the scammer convinces you of the urgency of the situation which then forces you to send the money in order to save the relative. The supposed urgency of the situation might then cause you to be compelled to send the money.

There is no way to differentiate check whether this scam is real or not but the best thing you can do is contact the relative to check if he or she is okay.


It is advisable to be careful and wise in your activities online or offline in order not to fall into danger.

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