ln this new times, extreme hard work does not pay but smart work is the best way now. That is by INVESTING and SIDE BUSINESS. You need to be financially educated to be financially smart because it helps you know what to invest into and the kind of business to start. The higher the level of education you are exposed to, the higher the risk you are ready to take because you already know how to minimize and manage any form of risk.


The more you develop yourself, you begin to look for ways to do more with the little you have and maximize profits.

You also do this as you put your money to work by determining to put certain percentage of your earning into mutual funds, stocks, REITS and others monthly and consistently for years without touching it, be patiemt and persevere to watch your money work harder and smarter for you to make you rich. You cannot spend all your life working for paycheck and having nothing to show for it at the end of each day or many years in your life.


Know today that if you plan to become rich today, you need to know that you are building and creating a future by that little steps, and that is like spending time worrying less about money while it grows at an amazing speed for you. If you are more addicted to hard work than smart work you will continue to struggle financiallythrowing away that opportunity to be financially free in the near future. You need to put an end to your financial worries today by working intelligently and less and your money and side business create steady income for you to make the future safe for you.


You need to know today that what differentiates JACOB amd ESAU is this simple principle I share here. JACOB was a smart worker, who uses his brain to think and create long term stability for his generation than ESAU who till the ground harder, sweat much before he breaksthrough.  Smart attracts more abundance than scarcity and create long term wealth for your generation if properly managed.



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