Wickedness in the highest, Woman was abducted and battery cell was inserted in her private part and sealed with super glue

By Lodpress writers Charles

Wonders they say shall never end and wickedness in the heart of men is becoming something else, some people can go to any extent just to achieve what they want,

and by so doing they don't care if someone is been hurt along the process is never their concern,

all they care about is what they stand to get or achieved in that particular thing they are doing which is very bad and innhuman.


The heart of man today is really wicked that we treat ourselves like we are not created by the same creator.


The sad and innhuman act that was carried out on the 22nd of September while a lady was returning home from a shop, when she was abducted by an unknown persons,

and she was forced inside a care and they drove off. The innocent woman from kandara in Muragans County is still crying bitterly over

what was done to her by her abductors she was been molested, in such a way that I won't wish such treatment for my enemy.


She was Alegedly defiled, the victim reportedly saw two women injecting her before inserting battery cells in her private

part and then sealed with supper glue and they left her half dead, she was later dumped very close to her home,

thanks to a good Samaritan that found her and took her to the hospital what a wicked world we live in.


As if that was not enough pain and wickedness she went through, weeks later it was reported that the same lady suffered

another innhuman attack that reportedly burnt her back  on the 12th on November 2020 with hot water.

My question is what has she done to deserve such ill treatment from those wicked, evil,

heartless and ungodly people, the worst of it all is that her fellow women were among those that abducted her.

Wickedness in heart of men has no boundaries be it wether a man or woman they are all the same when it comes to evil deeds.











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Abel Mutethia Muthimu - Jan 16, 2021, 7:23 AM - Add Reply

She's my neighbor and earlier this month the suspects faced the court of law in Nairobi for trials....

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