Who killed Gulak? Why Was He Dressed On jeans Trousers? Fani Kayode Reveals

The grusome murder of the formal Aid to the Ex Nigerian president and the formal Speaker of Adamawa state, Alhmed Gulak has continued to rise eye brows.Gulak


Hon. Gulak was killed on his way to airport on Sunday morning without taking any" pin" from him. 



The where about of the killers are yet to be know but the Executive Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma has term the killing a political assassination.



The formal Aviation Minister Femi fani Kayode has faulted the governor and rised some mind blowing question on his Twitter handle concerning the death of the Alhmed Gulak.



He said "Why did the Gov. of Imo not provide security for Gulak? Why was Gulak dressed in jeans & a baseball cap as if he was in disguise? I have known Gulak for 15 years & I never saw him in jeans & a baseball cap. Why did he sneak out of the hotel in a car hire without any security?


Who were the men in the car with him and who was the driver? How come we have not heard from them? Why did the Gov. not supply Gulak with a car to drop him at the airport? Is it true that they fell out badly over some unresolved issues?




Why did the Governor quickly say that this was a political assassination within 24 hours of the incident? How did he mange to conduct this investigation in record time? Why did they try to give the impression that IPOB and ESN killed Gulak & how can we be sure that those..



they killed later & claimed were Gulak's assasins really were Gulak's asssasins? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered. Whether they are answered or not one thing is clear to me: the suggestion that IPOB or ESN killed Gulak is nonsensical and absurd". 


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