Opinion: Reasons to vote persons rather than parties in the up coming northern senatorial district by-election of Cross River State

The northern senatorial district of Cross River State is made up of five(5) local government area. This comprises of Ogoja,Yala,Bekwerra,Obudu,and Obanliku.


In recent times the late Senator Rose Oko had represented the district in the house of Senate under the umbrella of the people democratic party (PDP) till her demise.The party has been ruling the state since the inception of this new era of democracy in 1999. 

It is an open truth that she has provided platform for politicians who rig their way into public offices by using government institutions, instruments,funds and all manners of illegal activities as means to aid and abate disenfranchisement across the state.

The party depends on every incumbent government the state for it funding. Hence every sitting governor detect for the party by funding and financing their ill-perpetrated activities. 

This is highly unethical and has led to imposing candidates on the party and the entire  peopleb the governor. This is so because Cross River State has been over powered and override by this party with it corrupt practices by grooming corrupt politicians to use government instrument and institutions to achieve their corrupt objectives to ascertain their goals. it goals.

It is through this phenomenon, unpopular and unfit are installed into public seats and offices in the state.

This is the reason, most representative of the district find themselves technically outwitted and out classed to perform their duty and function positively as members representing their constituencies and districts in order to essentially utilize their position to the benefits of the people of Cross River State.

A typical instance is the tug of war between Hon.Jarigbe Agom and Dr Stephen Odey during the last people democratic party primaries for the by-election of the northern senatorial district of the state.

This recorded a dead, confused declaration of winners and brought forth Dr Stephen Odey as the flag bearer of the party.

It is an open wispher that Dr Stephen Odey is the government sponsor candidate who was hand pick by the governor and positioned as a candidate for the party.

Unfortunately, other parties within the state are basically the same because they are made of disgruntled politicians who decamped to and from the people democratic party at the will of their dissatisfaction like sharks on a feeding frenzy. Given the chance, it is a ninety (90%) percent possibility that they will exibit the same ethical values of the people democratic party(PDP)

Therefore it is only proper that this serve as an insightment for northern Cross Riverians to make their choice in the upcoming senatorial by-election and subsequent elections based on personal grounds and ratings. And not party loyalty.


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