Video of Goat walking to the market on it's hind legs

The astonishing footage of a goat walking the  for about 10 metres to the close by market area, leaving the community residents fazed•

The goat was reportedly trained by the locals for several hours until it became a perfection • The goat was seen to be holding something with its front legs and boldly took long steps as many glanced astonishingly •

Many people from other local communities are reported to have arrived at the village to experience the scene.

The 4 years old billy goat in India  bewildered the local residents of Telwara, Bihar, after taking an amazing and probably record breaking thirty three (33) feet while only using its 2 hind legs.

The goat performed as onlookers looked amazed at the display Photo.


The hard to believe event was captured  on tape and the video  spread all across the globe with many amazed by the billy goats' astonishing  performance.

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