Other Amazing Things That You Can Use Vaseline To Do

Vaseline has been known generally as a body lotion normally used as remedy to heal dry skin. It is used by most people especially, young children, to keep their body smooth and soft. 

Vaseline has been used mostly during the cold season, and that is all most people know about vaseline  But there are other amazing uses of vaseline that you need to know. 


I want to share with you some other amazing uses of vaseline.

Below are some other uses of it that you may not know :

1. Vaseline can be used to remove or lift makeup stains from your clothes. You can just rub and apply a small quantity of vaseline to the affected part and after a few minutes, you wash it off and the stain will be lifted off.

2. Vaseline can also be used as polish for leather shoes, bags and other leather materials that need polish.

3. Vaseline can prevent razor from rusting. When you buy new razor and rub a small portion of vaseline on it, you can keep it for a longer period of time without it become rusted.

4. When the hole on your earlobe, especially as a woman, is blocked because you don't wear earrings most often, you can use vaseline to support whenever you find difficult to wear the earrings.

You can see that vaseline is useful for so many things. A few of those usage have been outlined here, you can make your research to get more information about the other usage. 

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