Uses of Alum you probably don't know about

Before I write about the amazing benefits that comes with using alum, let me introduce you to this amazing compound known as ALUM.

     Alum is a name provided to two common salts , potassium ammonium sulphate and ammonium aluminum sulphate. It can exist in either a transcluscent- colorless crystal or a white solid.

It has no regular shape. Alum has a unique taste that makes it easily distinguished from other compounds. It has a sour or astringent taste.


1. Mouth odour

Yes,alum helps in killing the bacteria that causes mouth odour. One of the causes of mouth odour is as a result of build up of bacteria in the mouth.


How to use Alum for mouth odour

i. Get a block of alum and a glass of warm water.

ii. Rinse the alum and soak into the glass of warm water.

iii. Leave until properly dissolved

iv. Use the liquid as a mouth wash

V. Gargle the liquid for about 40-60 seconds 

NOTE: Do not drink the liquid as it can make you feel naseous.

2. Water purifier

Alum is one of the commonly used method in the ancient days to cleanse water. Alum is a flocculant. 

   Raw water tends to hold tiny suspended particles that are difficult for a filter to catch. Using alum as a purifier helps to  clump or coagulate the suspended particles so that they can settle out of the water or could easily be trapped by a filter.

3. Body odour

Our body releases sweat and the food compounds present in our sweat tends to attracts

bacteria that leave unpleasant smell in such areas in our body. Alum is germ killing because of its anti- bacterial qualities.




I. Wet a piece of alum block

ii. Rub the wet alum block in your underarms or armpits.

Note: Apply alum every other day rather than every day. 

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