Use this fruits and vegetables to treat Corona virus at home

Corona virus has left the whole world in tear, the spread of coronavirus rise And more people continue to die each and every day. It is very painful because currently there is no cure or vaccine for coronavirus.however there is something one can do to treat Corona virus symptoms. In your comfort of your home you can use this fruits and veggies that commonly found in your kitchen to prepare some remedy to cure Corona symptoms. Below are five fruits and vegetable can induce to flatten the symptoms that is caused by the virus.

If you eat this mentioned fruits below you can definitely get well as soon as possible without using lot of medications.

Drink ginger tea with lemon each and every day until your symptoms are gone.

Chew garlic or you can also use it on your food so that it can open your blocked chest and sore throat.

Make a steam bath so that you can get rid of the coldness you experience when your body.

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