University Ranking: How Can Nigerian Universities Be Respected Again Globally?

Nigerian undergraduates wish to throw slogans like "of the best gba gba, of the best gbo gbo, of the best pawon." there's nobody who schooled during a Nigerian university who wasn't socialised into this culture of institutional bragging. 

What you need to know about Nigerian Universities 

One would think that our universities were highly acclaimed within the international community. Unfortunately, our universities aren't even well-rated in Africa.

the story for us, unfortunately, is that our schools are hardly citadels of learning. 

At best, our universities are places where we subject children to unpalatable conditions. Our hostels aren't conducive neither are our lecture rooms anything to write down home about. Our lecturers are hardly intelligent or knowledgeable.

They fail to update themselves and that they keep churning out outdated curricula.

The consequences of those are already being felt. Our graduates aren't employable. This has been liable for how middle-class households are sending their kids to high school abroad beat their bid to form them have better economic prospects.


The latest ranking of universities within the world collated by Times Higher Education’s (THE) show that only four Nigerian schools made the list of best 1000 universities. The University of Ibadan was ranked within the 401 – 500 bracket.


The next Nigerian school is Lagos State University (LASU) which made 501 - 600 bracket. Others include UNILAG, Covenant University, University of Nigeria, Nnsukka, and Obafemi Awolowo University. What happened to all or any the good tales we heard about our Universities within the days of our fathers?

A lot is liable for the decay actually. From lack of state support to overpopulation. it is a shame that Nigerians now like better to send their children to Ghana for studies because they are doing not trust the standard of education in Nigeria. This latest ranking should make us have a rethink.

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