Ugandan youth earning big from designing flowers

Many of you have always wanted to do white collar jobs not the so called "dirty" jobs.But for this Ugandan youth,this is not the case.Guard Bwambale a 23 year old youth from Nansana a suburb in Uganda's capital Kampala deals in designing flowers.He says he obtained this skill from a friend and he started designing flowers at his home place.From here, neighbors saw his good skill and started employing him to work in their compounds.He became so famous that he Evy started making adverts on radio for his job.He was later employed by a company and he started earning salary . Guard says he earns 100$ dollars each week from the company.But even though he works for a company,he also still works in individuals' compounds where he is paid not less than 15$ dollars each time he does the work.Guard has managed to buy a plot of land at a tender age and he owns a boutique in Uganda's capital kampala.He now has dreams to start his own company which deals in designing flowers, and even planting them.

Guard at his home Guard at his home with a designed compound.


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