Buhari bans: How to bypass Twitter with free vpn in Nigeria

Twitter ban or suspend by Buhari in Nigeria how to access Twitter with vpn amid FG bans.


Today we are going to discuss on how you can successfully access Twitter in Nigeria incase federal government ask network companies such as mtn glo airtel and 9mobile etisalat to suspend Twitter in other to prevent users from Nigeria accessing Twitter.



The reason why Buhari government decides to suspend or ban Twitter it's because Twitter has taken down one of Buhari tweets over hate speech and inciting civil wars quotes.


What is a VPN in Nigeria 

According to wikipedia a vpn is simply a virtual private network. Which means your network will be private and no telecommunications company in Nigeria will be able to monitor your online activities


How to access Twitter in Nigeria with vpn amid Buhari bans


  • First Download Turbo vpn from play store 

  • Install and open the app

  • Click on Connect to any free location 

  • Immediately a vpn key display on top of your smartphone 

  • It means you are %100 secured and can now access Twitter 

  • This will unblock and bypass Buhari Twitter bans successful 

  • No Nigeria network will be able to trace you down 



Although many will know how to use VPN to access Twitter when Buhari finally decides to suspend it. Millions of Nigerians who are unable to get a free or premium Vpn won't be able to use Twitter again.

So this is why you need to share this article to reach maximum of user in other to be able to use Twitter after fg bans. Thanks

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