Top 5 diamond mining producing countries by Volumes



Diamond is the hardest, most resilient, most beautiful gem in the world. It is the most popular and expensive gem stone ever known to mankind in the world. In 2018, Statista a data analyst revealed that 147 million carats worth of diamond were mined globally with a worldwide market value estimated at $76bn

Quickly, I will give a brief insight on their industrial applications before moving down to the top 5 countries that produces diamond.


Despite being best known for use in jewelry — such as rings and necklaces, Ice (Diamond) which is another popular name or slang for gem. It has a number of industrial applications which includes cutting, grinding and drilling of metals, mining and military. Military!!! Yes military. You must be thinking, how is the most expensive gem stone in the universe militarized? Let me explain.


It's used in the manufacturing of Advanced high-precision fiber optics used which are employed in electronic warfare and communications system such as radars, jammers and communication gears. Furthermore, because of the hardness properties it posses, It is also used in the production of body armor for the military which provides better protection, better fit and are lightweight thereby making it easier for mobility.

Top 5 diamond mining producing countries by Volumes




 Leading the list is Russia, Last year alone, the eastern European country produced 23 million carats of diamonds, making it the largest natural industrial diamond producer in the world. The majority of Russia’s diamond output comes from the group of companies named ALROSA which is the major miner of diamond.


Botswana, a country in the southern part of Africa ranks second on the world list of diamond producer, But comfortably sits first on the continent with 16,000,000 carats produced annually.



 In 1998, Mining began in Canada after geologists discovered diamond deposits in the Arctic area in 1991. It became the world's third largest producer of rough diamonds by value and volume in 2019 with an annual production of 13 million carats.



Another southern Africa country on the top 5 list which comfortably sits two positions behind Botswana on the global list and one on the continental list is the republic of Angola. The Natural Resource blessed Portuguese-speaking nation is also a major oil exporter. It annual turnout of diamonds is 8.5 million carats.



With three southern African countries toping the global and continental list, It is no longer news that this part of the continent is highly blessed with the particular resources. South Africa produces 7.7 million carats annually making it the 5th ranked on the list of top 5 diamond producing countries.




1.  Russia.           30.3%

2.  Botswana.       25.3% 

3.  Canada.          12.5%

4.  Angola               9.3%

5.  Namibia.           7.4%

6.  South Africa.      6.4%



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