Top 10 greatest offline android games under 200 MB

This list features games from all genre that are interesting and can be played without internet.

1) Ravensword shadowlands -

created by cresent moon games and similar to elder scrolls, ravensword is an action RPG game with great graphics made with unity engine. The camera can be swapped between first person and third person views and it has a wide open world to interact with.



Space required-600mb



2) Sacred odyssey: rise of ayden-

Sacred odyssey rise of ayden is an open world action and adventure game developed by Gameloft. The player has the ability to traverse the world of the  game on a horse completing story missions and side quests. It also has some puzzle elements in its levels.



Space required-900mb



3) Warhammer 40,000 freeblade-

Warhammer freeblade is an action game developed by pixel toys. You take control of a knight in a giant robot fighting to defend his country. The game features on the rail shooting and a decent storyline that spans over 100 levels. It also has one one one melee fights against enemy knights.


Space required-600mb



4) Dragon quest 8

This is a turn based RPG developed by square enix. The king and his daughter is into a frog and a horse and our hero has to find a way of restoring them back. It features a very long adventure story with various side quests set in a large open world.



Space required-1.3gb



5) Chaos rings 2

Chaos rings 2 is also developed by square enix and is a turn based RPG game. The game has an apocalyptic setting and the player has to engege in a tournament to determine the fate of the world. It features beautiful console quality graphics and story that has multiple endings affected by the players decisions.




Space required-1gb



6) Ridge racer slipstream

Based on the console game of the same name, this is an arcade racing game with realistic graphics. The game features 12 cars and 20 tracks for the player to play on. It also features a career mode and a multiplayer mode in case the player decides to compete with other players.




Space required-1gb



7) Nova 3

Nova 3 is a first person shooter developed by Gameloft. It features console like action gameplay and cutscenes. Players get to ride a futuristic vehicle, control a jetpack, control a mech and has various powers in a long 13 level action packed campaign.




Space required- 2.5gb



8) Gt racing 2

Developed by Gameloft, gt racing 2 was the rival to real racing 3 when it was released. It features realistic track racing simulation with an assortment of tracks and cars. It also has a cockpit camera that gives you a more immersive feeling of being in the vehicle during the race.


Space required-900mb



9) Broken sword

Originally released for PC and later ported to mobile phones. Broken sword to is an point and click adventure game in which players can interact with the environment or solve different puzzles in order to advance in the game and it features some animated cutscenes.

Space required-750mb



10) Assassins creed Altair's chronicles

This is the mobile version of assassins Creed developed by Gameloft. It features a top down camera angle and has a long interesting campaign which follows the story of Altair trying to find the secret of the templars.


Space required-500mb


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