This Is Why You MUST Burn Or Bury Dead Snakes.

Snakes are very dangerous creatures that no human being can make friendship with and even though there are some who treats them as pets, they're very few. 


Its appearance itself manifests evil ghost in it. Al rather I can say so because perhaps as I'm writing this article, I may be so frightened. 


Almost everyone has encountered a snake either in the bush or at the homestead. 


I know the first thing to appear in your mind is to look for the way of taking its life while considering your safety. 

Well killing it isn't a big deal, but how are you going to dispose its remains. And why are you going to dispose it that way?


Have you ever wondered how the body of a snake even some hours after being killed can still react? 

Just like other reptiles, the muscles and the nervous system of a snake can remain sensitive to some hours after being injured. 


Therefore, safety disposal is a prerequisite for the future of your health against the venom. 


This is because despite having killed the snake, it can still be able to contaminate the environment with the venom. 


Especially the head of a snake is quite dangerous. 


Be cautious of the dead snakes and make sure they're disposed appropriately. 

1. You can dispose by burning. And this ensures that the venom is fully inactivated can dispose by burying. And this incorporates the venom in the soil ensuring

that there's no possibility of of the venom particles in the surface of the environment hence inside the soil it's going to be rendered powerless as it's inactivated by the soil PH. 


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