This African family takes porridge as the only meal of the day

When covid 19 broke out in Uganda,many people were terminated from their jobs For this Ugandan family, the family head whosecname is withheld for privacy was terminated from his job as a store keeper in a beverages company.He says that before covid 19 broke out in March last yeae,he used to spend a minimum of 2$ each day but with time ,he started spending 1$ .Little did he did he know that even the 1$ would become a problem to get and spend The family which used to have three meals a day now enjoys one meal which is porridge .The family has 10 members and they take porridge in the morning and only posho at times in the evening.According to the children,when humanitarians help them they enjoy atleast 2 meals a day.

One of the kids taking poridge Caption

One of the kids taking porridge 

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