They Might Have Blocked Their Parents - See What A Girl Was Holding That Have Gotten People Talking

The children of this generation have grown wings to the extent they longer care what happens or the precaution of their actions.

What baffles me is that most of them might be in the church choirs and they go for

practices and wear their choir uniforms on Sunday to sing to God forgetting what they might have done consciously.


Facebook is a place where we can share and save photos of ourselves for future reminder and also get to find love ones whom we might have lost touch with for so many years,

but with all this privileged, it doesn't call for young youths to be sharing photos which might stain the great reputations of their family or vice versa.


A photo went viral on Facebook of two young adults, a boy and a girl.

Though the photo was beautiful but people lectured the young youths because of what was seen in the hands of the young girl.

Clearly, the young girl was seen with a 'condom' which practically are meant for unmarried adults.

Why it is really meant for adults is because you will not see an adult disgrace his or her

self by taking a photo with such a thing and also even using it as their profile picture for the world to see.

The boy was even careful of hiding his face but the young girl was proud of herself that she made them snap her face on the photo.

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