The Story Of Young Roland

My name is Roland,I'm from Delta State in Nigeria,I want to talk about my experience about life and how I have live my life to this extent.

I was born in a family were there was alot of fun and happiness,a home with peace and harmony.

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My dad always care and cherish each and everyone who comes him,life was sweet back then,untill a day come when everything seems black and blue,

I can see the fear of scary scene on my mom face written all over and over again,

as a little child,I have no questions to ask but I can feel the scary scene on her face like never before.

It was around 6:00hrs in the evening I asked my mom,were is dad,and with tears she replied,

son it's gonna be fine,I keep wondering what's the matter,but there was no good thought of hoping things are fine

,later I saw my mom with tears,I can't wait by looking at her face,I joined her by shading tears.

My dad left his work by escaping death from men who was assigned to end his life,he quickly flee from his place of work,

call reaching his elder brother who was a suprettendant of police that his brother life is in danger,

he moved quickly for his rescue but reaching the scene his brother has successfully escaped,

my dad lost his job by going back to his village were his parents came from,there he waited for us to join him.

Life was no longer easy for us in the city,my mom decided to take me and my brother together with her back to the village,

we make our move to the village, everything was strange,and tears began to roll down from my mom's eyes, knowing it's not going to be easy for us anymore.

Over night things turn upside down while in the village, feeding alone became a very big problem to us,and respect from men were no more there for my father,

sometimes we beg people to sell goods on credit for us in other to sustain our strength for that day.

Life bacema more difficult for everyone in the family,matters began to rise from left and right,fight every day and night.

And all made me cry all day long,

I continue my school life there in the village,I had no sandal,no school bag,no much books like other children.

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