The secret way of making money online and withdraws to any bank Nigeria Ghana Kenya South Africa

One of the legit ways to make money online, here I'm going to dive into how you can real cool cash from the comfort of your home.

It sounds funny but I'm going to reveal all you need to know and how to earn from the platform with your smart phone 

Here we are going to talk about making money from your monetize app , first you need to sign up on 



You may wonder how does admob work

Admob is own and control by Google.  So what Google does it that every app owner on play store using admob will get adverts place on their app which as a result of any clicks on the adverts the owner of the app get paid to his admob account.



How to click on your app without being banned from Google 

The truth remain that a lots of people get banned cause Google forbids self click if found out them Google such app get banned.

But to avoid this all you need is to install VPNs on play store with this you can click without Google knowing.


How to use the VPN


You can to play store to download VPNs  like windscreen VPNs, touch vpn and master von apps and use them interchangeably to change your locations


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