The hidden reasons for Gov. Ben Ayade defection to the All Progressive Congress in Cross River State

Following the sudden defection of the governor of Cross River State, Professor Ben Ayade to the All Progressive congress which is the major opposition party of the People Democratic Party. There have been counter claims to his reasons for cross carpeting as many politicians claim that it is not a surprise as it has been lingering in recent times.

Governor Ayade who had won all his elections under the umbrella of the People Democratic Party abruptly move to the All progressive congress on the 20th of may 2021. 


Many elites had accused the governor of bad governance, corruption and misappropriation of public funds. They believe that, the only reason he has not been indicted for his crimes is because of the immunity clause of the constitution which serve as a shield for incumbent president and governors from indiction by the court of law. 


With barely two years to the general election coming up in 2023. Many alleged that the governor who is fully aware of his crimes is trying pave way for his escape from indiction from the Economic and financial crime commission (EFCC) by pitching tent with All Progressive Congress.


It is whisper that he intent to buy himself a senate ticket from his new party to allow him the chance of retrieving the Senate seat from senator Stephen Odey whom he had earlier imposed on the people of Northern Cross River State while in the People Democratic Party.

This is to remand him in power to evade being probe and indicted for corruption. 


Mainwhile the case between Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe with Senator Stephen Odey is still pending as the Senate president Ahmed Lawan is yet to swear in Hon. Jarigbe Agom after the Supreme Court judgement with no clear explanation to his actions. 


Most person who queried the governor's cross carpeting decision alleged that he had earlier planned and conspired with senator Stephen Odey to stood as a Shepard for the seat of the senate for him. 

That he had been pumping the Senate president with huge bribes and offers to keep Stephen Odey in senate to await his return to the red chambers. They insinuated that the governor defection is as a result of not being able to bend top political members of the People Democratic party to conform with his will over Hon. Jarigbe Agom's issues with senator Stephen Odey.

Hence the show of power and political aggression in turning the Cross River State "People Democratic Party" secretariat to that of the "All Progressive Congress" and the forcing of his loyalist to defect as well. 

With the recent development in the states politics, it is clear that there are many atoms of truth in the people thoughts, minds and mouth.


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