The One Major Reason Why Some Believers And Unbelievers Hate Praying In Tongues.

The One Major Reason Why Some Believers And Unbelievers Hate Praying In Tongues.

Praying in tongues can also be known as praying in the holy ghost. This is the version envogue within the christian community. Believers or those who have received the gift of salvation speak in an unknown tongue or language that they cannot understand except the Holy Spirit who is the source of their inspiration. Almost 70% of the inhabitants of the world believe it's only Christians that speak in tongues. But that is absolutely wrong since it is born out of ignorance. It might please my highly esteemed readers to learn that every religious organization and occultic institutions in this world has a specific unknown tongue they speak at every point in time in the course of their worship or ministration. When they speak in an unknown language, their believe is that they are interacting with a supernatural force which controls the physical or seen environment. In the kingdom of God, the worst holidays to embark upon is a spiritual holiday. The age and physical size of a man is not and can never be his real size. The real measure and size of any man living on the planet Earth is his level of spirituality ( Jude 1:20 ). Neither God no satan can give spiritual strength or power, rather you should generate it yourself. The limit of your dreams in life is dependent upon the powers that works in you. One major way to handle difficulty in life is to pray in an unknown tongue common to those who belong to the same fold. Secret cults also have their kind of tongues which the members are taught to learn and speak. In all the tongues or unknown languages spoken all over the world , only the christian tongue is engineered by the superior being called The Holy Spirit. That is why it is popularly known as speaking in the Holy Ghost. 

Reason Why Some Believers And Unbelievers Hate Speaking In The Holy Ghost.

What you don't really know is your master in life. Therefore, criticism is bound to take place due to the fact that you lack knowledge of such a thing. The only reason why speaking in the holy ghost among christian believers is condemned is because people see it as nothing but FAKE LANGUAGE that has no meaning at all but that is absolutely wrong. It is fake to them because they see it as an immitation from one man to another without direction. The canal mind can never understand the spiritual things at all.


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