The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

One of the greatest mysteries yet is the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. The Bermuda triangle status about five hundred thousand square miles forming a triangular shape from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Florida.

There exists a lot of stories about aeroplanes and ships that disappeared upon reaching the area of the Bermuda triangle.

Bermuda is an island settled by shipwreck survivors. The island of Bermuda is littered with over three hundred sunken boats.

Some scientists believe that Bermuda is surrounded by a network of wave rides that can rise, it comes with a force that can easily break ancient wood boats.


The term Bermuda has been around for over 50 years and first appeared in a pop magazine in the year 1964 according to historians.

The weirdness of that area of the ocean was reiterated when Christopher Columbus complained of rough compass readings whenever he travels through that region. He also reported seeing strange balls of light in the sky one night.

Bermuda seems to be more dangerous as data shows it is responsible for the greatest loss of the United States navy outside battles.

In march 1918 a crew of three hundred and nine men on the USS Cyclops, a 19000 tons bulk carrier disappeared without a trace.



Surprisingly the Bermuda triangle does not make the list for the top 10 most dangerous waters in the world. The Mediterranean and North sea are ranked to be more dangerous in terms of shipping accidents.

The deadliest waters are commonly found in Asia and Europe. United States board of geographic names does not recognise the Bermuda triangle as a legitimate location. It is also difficult to find official files on the area.


A group of five aircraft mysteriously disappeared on the 5th of December in the year 1945 and nothing has been heard of them ever again.

Thousands of planes and ships have mysteriously vanished without warning, distress calls or any evidence of wreckage. Many believe the Bermuda triangle is a hotspot for supernatural phenomena.

Maybe we as Human should spend more time learning about and exploring planet earth, especially the sea than we should about space and the other planets.

As to whether supernatural forces are at play in Bermuda or it's pure science, we can only hope that time will tell.


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