The Future Of Nigeria



Future of Nigeria

I have faith in Nigeria

As my mother land

I believe in a stronger Nigeria

As the giant of Africa

I hope for a brighter Nigeria

As a lit torch which directs other countries


I see the future of Nigeria

As a virgin land awaiting an intelligent farmer to plough

Who knows the right seeds to sow

As a healthy patient awaiting a doctor who knows his occupation perfectly

As an incomplete project awaiting an experienced contractor


I foresee Nigeria

From a mathematician's view as a regular polygon with all sides equal

From a scientist's view as a balanced equation

From a theologian's view as an earthly heaven

From an accountant's view as a balanced account

From a farmer's view as a fertile land


I dream of Nigerians

Who don't see themselves as

Northerners or southerners

Easterners or westerners

Christians or muslims

Clean or unclean

Males or females

High or low

But as partners in progress

Who can sit side by side with one another

Work together, share ideas and ready to sacrifice for their country


I think of a Nigeria

In which a man of the force will give his life to save a citizen

A doctor will rise at midnight to save a patient

A trader will shun cheating and practice his trade with honour

A scientist will always try developing a never give up spirit

A mason will do his duties with a sense of humor and pride

In which every Nigerian will not see him/herself

As an individual but as a country

Upon whose shoulder the motto lies

Unity and faith, peace and progress

With unity we stand above other countries

Like an Iroko as King of the forest

Like an Eagle the king of the avian

Like the Whale the lord of the sea

With faith we shall do the impossible

We shall make the Sahara desert fertile

We shall drain the Niger river


In peace we will grow from strength to strength

We will shun arms and reason together

We will be by our brothers side in times of challenges and progress

We shall not forget those who led us

Those who fought for what they believed in

Those who sacrificed for their descendants

Those who dreamt, viewed, pictured and worked for a greater and prosperous Nigeria

I think of a bright and better future for Nigeria.

It creates comprehension The future of Nigeria






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