The Four Possible Scenarios In Leadership And Followership

The Four Possible Scenarios In Leadership And Followership

The Four Possible Scenarios In Leadership And Followership

No one can excel in life without a leader or a mentor. Mentorship in the christian community is a do without. No man of God rises on his own. The success of every man on the planet Earth can be traced to another man called the mentor or leader. Mentoring is not an easy task because the destiny of your follower or followers rests 70% in the hands of the mentor. Therefore, Who and what you follow in life determines to a greater extent your destination and total success in life. No wise man follows aimlessly or without a target. God's pattern and utmost intention is to show us who to follow so as to not to have an irreparably bleak future against our dreams. Just like the popular Igbo adage says, " the only reason why a dog follows a man with pot belly is because he must either vomit or excrete the excesses he has eaten" A choice to follow is yours to make as long as you are aware of what your good intentions are. God does not lead from behind He always leads from the front: little Wonder why mentorship. Consciously or unconsciously in this very life you are following someone or someone is following you. It is very pertinent at this juncture to advise that you should be conscious of whom you are following in life. Therefore, try as much as you can to follow right in the name of followership. Always know that Where you are in life is a product of whom you are following. Pray and ask God to place ahead of you someone to follow. Therefore, the four possible unavoidable Scenarios in leadership and followership include:

a. The blind leading the blind : there must be a situation whereby the blind mentor is leading another blind novice. The aftermath of this type of mentorship can rightly be predicted by you.

b. The blind leading the seeing,: this is another ugly scenario sharing same fate with the previous one. Here, the inexperienced and empty head leader leads or mentors those who are better than him. It's indeed very suicidal.

c. The seeing leading the blind: it is indeed a manageable scenario but absolutely not healthy because the mentor will never achieve his set goals and objectives considering the level of people he is mentoring.

d. The seeing leading the seeing : that is the acceptable and only healthy and successful scenario in mentorship because both the leader and the followers are competent and favorable to each other. There's little or no stress involved in impartation. Those being mentored come out strong and well grounded with unquestionable achievement. The earlier you discover your right mentor, the properous your life becomes.

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