The dream i had; a warning to nigerians.

On the night of Monday 3rd, May 2021, i had a dream, a terrible dream about things that will happen if the nation does not change it ways. It goes thus;


I saw on the horizon, a great eruption that left a huge amount of  smoke taking the shape of a human head shooting high up in the sky. The sound that came from it was like a very loud growl of someone in pains. Then, the neck snaps as the smoke descended back. 


As i was going out, i met the police chasing people to go back home and remain indoors. I tried passing the other way but there were police there also. So, i decided to go back home and then suddenly, something like hot whitish substance started falling from the sky in heaps and if it falls on any structure not strong enough the structure comes down.

I found myself and others running for safety and structures keep collapsing until we found one strong enough to serve as a shade. People were trapped wherever they were for weeks. You could decide to leave where you are and make for your destination but suddenly, the disaster will start again and you might not have something to serve as a shield for you again. I was made to understand that the event has come to stay and won't be stopping because of our sins.


As i woke up in the dawn of Tuesday 4th, May 2021, i started praying and asking God for forgiveness and mercy. Then a voice shot through my mind, "shall we continue in sin and pray for grace to abound?" I couldn't pray for grace or mercy again, i had to change the prayer point to strength to do God's will. Just immediately, i had a conviction which is; the way forward is not praying grace or mercy anymore because it seems the dispensation of grace is over, but rather to have witnesses for God among men and help them get closer to God so they understand His way and key into God's will thereby reducing the amount of sin committed and making righteous the people and avert the impending disaster.

Man's problem today has been trying to satisfy human want which is insatiable. This has kept humans in the vain circle of life; to satisfy an insatiable wants. God has given us His principles. If you can live by it, the principle of this world would not matter. The word of God remain and stands forever, but the principle of men will change and countries would always amend their constitution. You can't have fire on your roof and prioritize sleeping over putting out the fire.


 God is not looking for a perfect person, just make yourself available for him irrespective of how deep in sin you might have gone, His loving hands are always stretched out to receive you.


The message has been delivered, amend your ways. Make your choice now!!!

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