We are glad to announce to all participants that the "successful people's competition" of the year has begun! Do ensure you follow the prompts and most importantly better your opponents if you want to stand a chance of coming top at the finals... Good luck!!!

The above statement is the mind's automatic notification to every human who is in the race of life. The sole aim of the message is, compete with your opponents and perform better than their best.


The successful people's competition of the year begins the minute you kick off that new project you had been planning to accomplish. You find that the race is tougher than you imagined,

there are too many competitors whose sole aim is to knock you out. When you try displaying your best; they better it and people run after them, proving your efforts to be a waste of time.

You wonder "can't I just have an ordinary smooth race?" Well as the saying goes "survival is for the fittest." You fight and keep struggling to keep up with the pace of the advancing systems.

Do you sometimes think if it's worth it? You give it your best and channel all your efforts towards it success. What will you receive at the end; only accolades from spectators.

What a waste of time it is to participate in a competition whose grand prize award is accolades from spectators. You wouldn't want to engage your precious time in such. But, the problem is; this competition is a major motivator of the advancements you can see today.

Had it not been for this competition, people would have been content with their present states, therefore; there will be no advancement in man's life.


This competition has a great advantage, but the disadvantage is a greater one. This competition has frustrated the lives of many.

Should we no longer participate in it? What about its great advantages? Yes, you are right, the competition's advantages are so necessary that disengaging will only lead to doom.


So, what do we do? It's very simple, our aim here is to minimize the disadvantages and optimize the advantages. One solution I'm suggesting is; we change the rules of the competition from "better your rivals to claim the grand prize" to "better your best to claim the grand prize." 


Your rivals will no longer be your competitors but your best (past accomplishments). Using this rules, you won't engage in unhealthy rivalry with your competitors, your sole aim would be to prove that your "best" is just your starting point.


Do you have a better approach to this competition? Do share with us.

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