Teenage Fulani herdsmen aged 13,14 and 15 forcefully rape girl after watching pornographic videos


The residents of Itas/Gadau Local Government Area in Bauchi state were thrown in shock after three boys aged 13, 14 and 15 overpowered and raped a young girl after watching pornographic videos. This is a testament to the negative effects pornographic videos have on the minds of young people.

According to official reports, the public relations officer of the Bauchi state command told the press that the crime was allegedly committed on January 8, 2021 as was reported in the Divisional Police headquarters in Itas.

According to the accounts of the suspects Mamman Jauro aged 15, Buba Abdu aged 14 and Buba Saleh aged 13, they were in the bush reading their cattle when they saw six girls going back home after plucking some fruits in the bush. They now conspired amongst themselves and decided to commit the acts they've been seeing in the pornographic videos they watched.

They chased down the girls who were sisters and all the girls escaped except the victim whose name was Nasaiba. In the process of running, she had fallen down and  they promptly caught up with her and took advantage of her.

The two oldest ones Mamman Jauro aged 15 and Buna Abdu aged 14 took their turns raping the girl while the third boy Buba Saleh held her down.

After violating her, they left her and went on their way until they were arrested. The victim and her parents filed a report with the police and they suspects were arrested after the girl was able to identify them.

The suspects were cattle herders, and according to Mamman Jauro (15) the eldest among them and the prime suspect 

Said, “i Live In Itas/Gadau Lga, I am a cattle rearer, i used to be a student of A Qur’anic school there but i have stopped attending. now, i am fully rearing cattle. i was brought here (Police Command Headquarters) because i raped a girl."

“She is not my wife, we only saw her in the bush where we were rearing our cattle. Her name is Nasaiba but I didn’t know her before, I just heard her name when we got here, she is not Fulani but a Hausa girl, I don’t know her age too.”

He admittedly decided to rape her because he had "an urge" due to the pornographic videos he'd been watching and he was seeking an opportunity to experiment.

This shows why teenagers should desist from exposing themselves to pornographic content because, not only does it affect their behaviour, it leads to a wrong perception of the other sex, creates sexual addiction and a distorted perception of reality and leads to the wrong belief about sexual health practices and the wrong sexual beliefs and values.


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