Survivalfund: Is happened now “First Monthly Payment, 101,567 Beneficiaries in 16,253 Businesses were paid today”


In September, 2020 the Nigeria Government launch a special programme called Survival fund to help the mass and give money to support and the website was open for both public and private companies to apply.


The Survival fund registrations go require CAC registration certificate. The Corporate

Affairs Commission is the registration of business name from not being used by another person/group of people, banks and investors.

The survival fund will ask to input your business registration certificate Number,

TIN, SMEDAN along with other application requirements before approving your grant loan application.

While the Corporate affairs Commission (C.A.C) is a body of the Nigeria Government that regulate and managed the companies in Nigeria.

This commission was established in the year 1990 with the passing of the companies and allied Matters Act.

After the successful registration of the applicants, the Federal Government captures

their data and verified their BVN including the employees BVN. Last week/this week their started calling them.

According today news, we were told by the MSME Survival fund handle that 101,

567 beneficiaries from 16,253 businesses have received their first monthly payment from the payroll support scheme.

So congratulations to all beneficiaries….. use your fund judiciously.

The survival fund is a great initiative. I shower huge kudos on Nigeria Government.

If you are among the applicants, and you are been verified also received calls from them,

is your turn to receive alert because the money will soon be disburse to your account.

The federal Government of Nigeria is disbursing in batches; this is the first monthly payroll of the survival fund.

If your business was successful verified and you have not receive any calls, is not over yet because the processes is one after the other,

they will call you and ask some basic questions from you before you can move to the next level.

Once again kudos to the President, God blesses Nigeria, God bless the President and God bless me.

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