Successful world entrepreneurs who didn't need college


How many times have you been told to make sure you worked hard in school so you can go to college and get a good career job?.

Okay, may be not all of you get nagged about it, but probably a good portion of today's generation of adults did.

Here are the list of the world most successful entrepreneurs.



After attending one semester of college, Steve Jobs worked for Atari before co-founding Apple Computers. 

Now without the "Computers" in their name, Apple includes innovative products such as the iPod, iTunes, and most recently the iPhone.

Steve Jobs was also the CEO and co-founder of Pixar before it merge with Walt Disney.


The founder of Mary Kay Inc. Started a cosmetic business. While she didn't have a college education or any training.

She successfully created a brand known throughout the world. 

To date, nearly half a million women have started Mary Kay businesses, selling cosmetics.

Their appreciation for Mary Kay Ash is unwavering.


Ranked as the world's richest person from 1995-2006, Bill Gates was a college drop out.

He started the largest computer software company, Microsoft Corporation. Gates and his wife are philanthropist, starting the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with a focus on global health and learning.


Having dropped out of high school at 16, Walt Disney career and accomplishments are astounding. The most influential animator, Disney holds the record for the most awards and nominations. Disney's imagination included cartons and theme parks. The Walt Disney company has annual revenue of $30 billion.


He started with $1,000, dedication and desire, Michael Dell drop out of college at the age of 19 to start PC's Limited, later named Dell, Inc.

Dell became the most profitable PC manufacturer in the world. In 1996, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation offered a $50 million grant to the University of Texas at Austin to be used for children's health and education in the city. 


Fox Broadcasting Company was started by a college drop out, Barry Diller. 

Diller is now chair man of Expedia, and CEO of IAC/ Inter Active Corp which includes Home Shopping Network and Ticketmaster.


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