Students, take this to improve your memory

In recent studies, researchers have come to the conclusion that children growing upon fast food are likely to develop a lower intelligent quotient compared to those who take freshly cooked meals.

Almond is the staple when it comes up to food for brain. It has been scientifically proven that five almonds a day help sharpen memory and help improve energy levels.

According to established research , almonds contain protein which are essential for energy function and help repair brain cells.

Walnuts are essential for memory "walnuts,almonds and flex seeds.

Brown rice is more beneficial than white rice increase intake of vegetables.

Vitamin E and anti oxidants 

A,B,C calcium and vitamin k .

Experts have found that kids with higher intelligence have a lower risk of major causes of death, including heart disease, stroke and smoking related cancers. 

1.Vitamin C  


Citrus fruits are excellent for boosting brain power.


2. nuts and seeds

These are also a great source of essential micro nutrients and anti oxidants


They protect the brain against age related cognitive decline.

4.Green leafy veggies

Eg broccoli, spinach ,green vegetable are full of iron.

Vitamin E ,k and B9(folate) which are extremely important for brain cell development and keeping memory issues.


It helps release energy used by the brain for proper function

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