Strange reasons why men die earlier than women and how men can add more years to their lives.

Today,  I am going to share with you why men tend to die earlier than women and what men can do to add more years to their life. So here are the contributing factors to male mortality in our society:

1. Men take bigger risk: Men are risk taker, they take bigger risk  compare to women.  Because men are stronger than women they are charged with responsibilities that involve great and daring risk which in one way or the order can lead to their death.

2. Dangerous Job: Men are more  likely to die at their place of work than women, because of the risk that involves in  men's work. Men that their work involves using of big machine, cutting machines, climbing higher building are tend to lose their life.

3.  Testosterone: This hormone is responsible for aggressive driving on the road, Involvement in dangerous activities and other activities that can shorten ones life. This is another factor that also facilitate male mortality.

4.  Smoking and drinking:  Men involve in these behavior than women. Smoking and drinking alcohol is dangerous to health. It can damage vital organs in the body. It can also kills the immune system in body leading to death.

5.  They tend to avoid doctors than women: Men tend to delay or postpone their appointment with their doctors.  Some men believe that that can withstand any illness that may have befall them, they believe they are strong enough and they don't always need to visit doctors. The illness can get worsen before they notice it will be too late.

How can men add more to their lives?

There is no much that can be done, but if we truly want to add more to our lives. We need to adopt more healthy habits and rule out the unhealthy ones,  these are some things we can do to live more longer.

1.  Eat healthy foods.

2. Get more exercise.

3. Visit doctor regularly.

4. Stop or   cut down smoking.

5. Adequate sleeping time.

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