Stop Complaining Of Data: See How to browse and download without data

Quit whining about information today I am demonstrating how to utilize free web and utilizing whatsapp for free.This stunt is extremely simple you simply should be Patient and you should take as much time as necessary

Simply download http injector on google play or on play store.Http injector is an application that we should you to procure free information or that gives you free internet.I think presently is their 6years in the business 

The suggested http injector is TLS, and subsequent to downloading TLS, reorder the accompanying code in it. 

This exclusively for MTN clients. 


Every day limit ≥ limitless 

Web ≥ MTN GH 

Speed ≥ interfaces exceptionally quick 


1.Download TLS from playstore. 

2.copy and glue this 

GET HTTP/1.1[crlf] Host:[crlf] X-Online-Host:[crlf] Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf] User-Agent: [ua][crlf] [crlf] 

at the payload region select any German worker and pick port T443 

Tap on interface and have free web access

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