Start Earning From 30k To 100k Monthly Straight To Your Bank Account with Flaxykit

Hello guys today I want to share with you this amazing new platform that allows you to earn from 2$ - 12$ daily just by using your smartphone from your homes.

This new platform is creating a new opportunity to make it easy for people to earn money easily just by watching videos online and make a good passive income without having to start looking for jobs or working in the office. The name of this amazing platform is called,

FlexyKit: Flexykit is an online advertisement platform that allows you to broadcasts or showcase your product to the world in real time by sharing it with our large audience and it also enables people to earn money by watching videos broadcasted on the website by people. It pays its members daily for watching each adverts daily.

How To Register For Flexykit

Contact 07048110699 on whatsapp for more details on how to register.

On Flexykit members can register on Flexykit using Litcoin, cause Flexykit system allows using to register using there Bitcoin wallet (Coinbase) or by using Litcoin to register just by making payment to the provided wallet with Litcoin and your registration will be confirmed by the system.

Plans To Subscribe For On Flexykit

There are currently four plans in which user than subscribe for on Flexykit if they are planning on registering for the platform and this plans are;

1. Nova

32$ to register

1 month validity

Earn 2$ daily

2. Galaxy

52$ to register

1 month validity

Earn 3.3$ daily

3. Spectra

72$ to register

1 month validity

Earn 5$ daily

The fourth plan is a new plan that has just been recently added to the platform for people who want to earn sooner instead of waiting a month.

4. Spectra Lite

120$ to register 

2 weeks validity

Earn 12$ daily

This are all the available plans you can subscribe for on Flexykit.

Contact 07048110699 on whatsapp for more details on how to register for Flexykit.

How To Earn On Flexykit

There are currently three ways in which you can earn from Flexykit.

1. By watching video: on Flexykit you can earn from watching posted ads video shared on the platform, whenever you watch a video you get paid from 2$ - 12$ depending on the plan you subscribed for on the platform the higher you subscribe for the higher you earn from the video watch.

2. From Referral bonus: you can also increase your earning on Flexykit and earn more from referring your family and friends to the platform. You get 3% of referral bonus from the registration fee your Referral pays to join the platform, but note that referring is optional so it's not compulsory to referral to collect your money you can choose to only earn from watching videos than referring.

3. From badge bonuses: on Flexykit there is a bonus in which is earned from receiving badges whenever you complete a badge task you earn a bonus for each badge you are able to collect this also increase your earning and earn more by collecting badges and receiving bonus.

How To Withdraw On Flexykit

On Flexykit you withdraw your earnings using Crypto Currency with is actually the best and safest way to receiving your earning you can collect your earning with three choice of Crypto either Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litcoin. You can collect your earning to any of this three choices straight to your Bitcoin wallet safely.

Payment proofs:

This platform is an amazing opportunity for Nigerians to earn money easily so join this platform and smile everyday.

Contact 07048110699 on whatsapp for more details on how to join the platform.

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