Start Earning From $10 - $20 Daily With Your Smartphone

There are ways in which you can be making money easily online just by completing some simple task without going to an office or carrying heavy works, all you have to do is complete simple task daily and you can be earning from $10 - $20 daily easily. Just with your smartphone this apps pay you from your various homes to complete simple task and you will be paid for completing does task.


Branch is an online loan app in which you can use to collect longterm loans in Nigeria. Branch is one of the best loan app in Nigeria in which you can collect loans easily with a long process or unnecessary verification, you can get loans easily and quick on branch and users are giving a long time to repay there loans without any issue.

But currently Branch is running a referral program whereas it's users can also earn by referring there family and friends to the app. And you can earn from 5k - 10k Daily just by referring your friends on the branch app crazy right.

How To Register For Branch

1. Click here to download the Branch app

2. After downloading the app open it and create an account by pressing sign-in/register

3. Then select either to sign-up with phone number or Facebook

4. Fill in your phone number in the space provided

5. Then verify your phone number with the verification code sent to your number

6. After verifying your phone number you will need to add your BVN to continue don't worry it safe branch is a government certified app so all your info is safe

7. After adding your BVN you will need to verify it your and make sure the phone number you used to register is linked to your BVN cause you will be sent a code to verify your BVN

8. After verifying your BVN you've created your account successful

How To Earn On Branch

Now here is how you can earn from the Branch app Branch.

1. After registering successfully on Branch on your account homepage above the right hand side of your account press the profile symbol

2. After opening the profile page press promotions

3. Then put this code in the space provided ( bukola6cb74 ) in the space provided and press apply code to receive a N500 welcome bonus

4. Make sure to put in the code ( bukola6cb74 ) so you can receive your welcome bonus

5. After inputting the promotional code go back to your account home page and press wallet then press add funds

6. After pressing add funds select your preferred funding method

7. Then press continue and select which account to use and press continue

8. After selecting which account to use, add your debit card to use or make a transfer

9. After adding your debit card you need to deposit atleast N50 to your account to get verified on Branch so enter any amount to deposit in your account

10. Please know that any amount you deposit you can withdraw it back to your bank account just go to wallet and press free transfer and press to my own account and input the amount you want to send and press confirm.

How To Add Your Bank Account On Branch

1. Press the profile icon up in your account homepage

2. Then press financial accounts and press bank accounts

3. Then press add bank account to add your bank account

How To Withdraw From Branch

To Withdraw From Branch just press wallet and press free transfer and select my own account and input the amount to withdraw and confirm the withdrawal.

2. Tv Two:

Tv Two is also an amazing app in which you cab use to make online with your smartphone and you can make money easily with this app just by watching videos and completing simple offers. Yeah amazing right this app has made it easy for its users to be able to make money just by watching YouTube videos online and you could be making atleast $10 daily with this amazing app.

How To Register For Tv Two

1. Click here to download the Tv-Two app

2. Open the app and press the continue button and you've created an account

How To Earn From Tv Two

Earn by watching YouTube videos:

1. You can earn from Tv Two by watching the YouTube videos at the home page of your account

Earn by completing offers:

1. You can also earn from Tv Two by completing offers just press the account button below the right hand side of your account homepage

2. Then scroll down and press more rewards

3. When the page open you will see offers that you can complete for alot of points

Note: this is a trick on how to earn faster on Tv Two

After opening the more rewards page you will see offers to complete for thousand of points.  Now you want to make sure that the offers you choose to complete are quiz cause they are easy and fast to complete unlike survey's you might not find survey's available or downloading apps are way to much process so quiz are the easiest.

After opening a quiz offer to completing here is how you can complete the quiz fast and easily with a 100% score, go to YouTube and search for the quizzes name answer e.g spin the lucky wheel quiz answer, spot the fox quiz answer e.t.c you will find the answers of the quizzes to complete the quiz successfully and get 100% and you will earn your quiz reward.

You can also earn by referring on Tv Two

Just press the Tv button on your account homepage and press earn more. Then press invite new users and share your referral password for every friend you invite you earn 200,000 points but make sure your friend earn up to 50k points using the method I shared to claim your referral bonus.

3. Hawkit:

Hawkit is another app in which you can use to make money just by using your smartphone. You could be making from 1k - 5k daily with Hawkit app easily without stress. Hawkit is an online shopping store like jumia where you can buy products and also buy airtime and data to your various network it's a very easy and fast app to use.

How To Register For Hawkit

1. Click here to download the Hawkit app

2. After downloading the app open it and press Sign-up at the top right hand side of the app

3. Then fill in your information and put in this number ( 07048110699) as your referrer phone number to claim bonus

4. Make sure to put in this number ( 07048110699 ) as the referrer number so as to claim your free 1k bonus

5. After filling in your information in the next page fill in your email and verify your Email and phone number

6. After verifying your email and phone number you have successfully created your account

How To Earn From Hawkit

Earn by selling product

You can earn on Hawkit by selling your product or reselling a product and earn a commission for selling on Hawkit

Earn by referring your friends

On Hawkit you can earn up to 100k monthly by referring your friends to the app just get them to use your phone number used to register as there referrer number and you earn for them registering make from 1k to 5k daily referring your friend's.

How To Withdraw From Hawkit

You can Withdraw all your earnings from Hawkit straight to your bank account and you can also use them to purchase products on the app too.

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