Sex and Dating Life.

So I was surfing the internet and this post I saw scared me,and I think it's going to tear the internet apart.

Don't date people that are liabilities to you.

So do I have your attention 👇👇👇.


1,2,3 take note


But some guys do do some of this sh*t Importantnote: Men note s*x is not the only benefit you get from a relationship.

Date someone who have something beneficial to your life rather then s*x.

Date someone who knows you in and out probably more then you know your self. So he or she that you are dating can help you emotionally, financially and also spiritual.

Don't date someone because of the back or the front or because of the large d**k but because of what is upstairs.

       Marry someone that without he/she you feel empty and not because you can live with them.

      So no let's talk about s*x.                    For the next picture the content gave been scientifically proven.

    Men you all loss alot a still pays.i think men need the weekly salary.

       Please abstain from unnecessary s*x,for get about the sweetness and this are only the scientific parts.about the spiritual part that sex is a convent that both parties goes into.And it also spread disease and demons from one host to another.




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