7 Things We Do In The Morning That Is Killing Us Slowly.

How you start your day determines how the whole day is going to be , once the wrong choices are mad it brings about wrong results as the day goes by.

This factor has caused many deaths as most people tend to over look it.

As you are reading this , you will have a bigger advantage because nobody seems to be discussing this and many lives are at risk due to ignorance .

So do well to read through this because it will help you a long way to  live a healthy and happy live with your Loved ones by your side always. 


Hola Amigos, I'd love to make a brief introduction to who I am . My name is Raymond , am in my early twenties.

Am out of school because of the Corona virus pandemic ravaging our world. So I will be telling us about:


Seven things you do in the morning that kills your Immune System You Need To Stop




1. When wake up in the morning it is adviced that you don't get up immediately , stay atleast up to 5mins before getting up.

This will simultaneously help you regain stability , consciousness and enough strength to get on your feet and rock your day.

Getting up in shock or in hurry can cause a lot of health complications , such as strock or even lead you to falling down due to instability and not enough strength.

This also helps the brain retain memory .


2. Avoid drinking alcohol or beverages when you are just waking up. Some people I know are alcohol or beverages freak.

Most are secondary School students who live in the dormertry  they take beverages too much that it seems to be part of their lives , they wake up taking them and sleep off at night taking them too.



But if you avoid this ,it will sponteniously help you be healthy.

As we know alcohol has many bad effects on us when it is taking the wrong time and with wrong quantity.

Wrong time ? , yes you might be hearing this just know but know wrong timing has many effects as regards to alcohol.

The right timing should be around 11am in the morning and 7pn in the evening . Now taking these when you are just waking up can badly hurt your liver and kidney because of it's strong and hot.




3. Avoid turning On your light when you are just waking up. We all must have experienced the irritating moment in a dark room and you are suddenly light comes.

Our eyes struggles to adjust to the light , but this can cause many harmful effects on our eyes than we know . It can cause myopia and make far object seem blur .

To avoid this ugly situation , just try to open your curtain or window to let in light , this is less harmful as it is not concentrated as our electric bulds . After a while on your light and you won't feel anything.


4. Using your smart phone as you are just waking up.  As we're in the time when almost all we do revolves around electronic gadgets , it is worth to know that these gadgets have many effects on our life and health as a whole.

Using your phone or computer on waking up has many effects on the eyes as there as the whole concentration of the light is on the eyes  and the eyes struggles to get a balance due to the intensity of the light .

This strains the eyes and can cause many eye sicknesses which can lead to blindness as you grow older. 



5. Avoid eating heavy food rather go for a healthy food , preferably vegetables and less meat to will help bring balance to the acidic concentration in our body and make sure feel light and not buggy.

Yes we are surrounded by many heavy foods like fufu , yam etc  but try to take fruits and vegetables in the morning for one week and see how effective it's going to be on our health .


6.  If you are the type that waits till urine starts dripping out , then you are doing more harm then good to yourself.

Well to urinate on waking up this helps remove  harmful toxins from our body and helps the bladder not to be over stretched . This also has a long time effect.

It can cause the bladder to be over stretched and would no longer be able to hold urine as one grows older


7. Make sure you pray as this helps cool our mind and make sure more focused through the day.

It brings out spiritual balance and helps avoid uncalled for thoughts and actions.

You can say these prays if you like " Lord keep me to your feet,as I raise this morning . Make me see you in everything I do today.

Keep me behind when my enemies are at front , keep me in front when they're behind. Do not let me  fall prey to their weakness.

Let those who don't believe in you find peace and love on us so they can believe , keep my family friends and everyone around me within your scared wings if love and peace. Amen


If you find this article helpful make sure to share to it to your friends and family even at work so you can help one another get a  happy   and healthy life.

We there loved ones always be by there side.  Also like and comment if you have any questions do well to drop it on the comment section below. Thanks .


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Shedrack - Sep 25, 2020, 6:10 PM - Add Reply

Mice one21 BRO.

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Osondu Innocent Ikechukwu - Sep 25, 2020, 6:16 PM - Add Reply

Thanks very much

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Adebowale Emmanuel - Sep 25, 2020, 6:14 PM - Add Reply

I'm guilty lf not praying early in the morning. Good article 03M

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Osondu Innocent Ikechukwu - Sep 25, 2020, 6:14 PM - Add Reply

....more grace

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Onu Charity Ukamaka - Sep 25, 2020, 6:50 PM - Add Reply

Nice one 23w

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David onyango - Oct 9, 2020, 8:44 PM - Add Reply


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Abel Mutethia Muthimu - Nov 23, 2020, 11:53 PM - Add Reply


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