See three reasons Why Leonel Messi will be useless at the age of 35

Leonel Messi age

  Argentinian star and 33year old Barcelona captain Leonel Messi is still yet to hit the ground running for Barcelona this season, due to his poor drop inform.

Leonel Messi's age

Although whole others are claiming Leonel Messi's mind is no longer at fc Barcelona, many others has pointed out to the age factor as they believe age is now meeting up with the Barcelona captain, but still other players like Cristiano Ronaldo and zlatan Ibrahimovic are still un-outscorable in their leagues even at their age, and here are the reasons why Leonel Messi will be useless at the age of 35.

1. No physic

  Leonel Messi is of course not those kind of players that sleeps in the gym all day but one thing is certain, with no physic Leonel Messi's age will eventually cover him up

Leonel Messi's age

players like zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo are so physical that they often beat there age by doing even what son young lads can't do and it's pretty obvious that their physical nature is proven to still be a driving force for them even at the age of 39 and 35 respectively.

2. Lack of self dominance on the pitch.

  If there's anything Leonel Messi is constantly lacking right now is self inspiration while on the pitch players like Cristiano Ronaldo and zlatan Ibrahimovic at the moment are making the entire pitch as there own whenever they are in play, they input self dominance and they are still capable of single handedly wining a game wether big fixture or not.

3. No competition.

Leonel Messi has lacked proper competition in the league since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Italian league and why Leonel Messi is in Spain and is busy trying to catch up with Ronaldo in Spain

Leonel Messi's age

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be excelling the more and with a proper competitor like zlatan Ibrahimovic it could only get better for Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, meaning it's high time Leonel Messi joins a new club next summer.

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