See what the World Fattest Kid Reduced Almost Half of his Weight

This Kid has been Recorded as the world Fattest Kid with the Highest body weight however he was able to solve his problem and his weight was however Reduced.

Arya Permana, a citizen of Indonesia, who  was The first Recorded fattest Kid, was once considered the heaviest child in the world this is all thanks to his diet and Meals of instant noodles,

fizzy drinks and deep-fried chicken, Junk foods, Excess Fried snacks. Sea junk and so all most of this which contains much Fat in them.


The Fattest Boy In The World 


Arya, at Ten could barely walk due to the excess Fat in his body this had became to him at that age.

With his size putting his life at risk, Arya reportedly became the youngest person ever to undergo a gastric-sleeve operation.



The procedure - along with a strict and monitored diet of grilled fish and vegetables was part of what helped the teenager lose a highly remarkable 234lbs (106kg) , with him now weighing 189lbs (85.8kg).


However, after the Operation, he had a bit of excess skin in his body, But a specialist has offered to remove those excess skins.

His Parent explain that the child was pampered and given any food he named. Not really minding the repercussion, this collaborated in increasing his Weight.

However they Said even if they Want to GI strict on him and refuse to give him junk food and other Fatty substance,

they End up still giving him what he wanted. As Reported, this really did the parent no good at all because the boy's life is at Stake.

However we could also learn from this that, Instead of eating too much of junk foods,

we could also eat natural foods, like Vegetables, Fruits, in other to boost our body system. Foods like Vegetables has does not have fat

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