See What Hackers Post on Nigerian College of Accountancy website After hacking

Hackers continue to hacks Nigerians Government website along with popular companies website that is against EndSars protests.

Recently hacker @Litemods on Twitter has once again hijacked into Nigeria government website Nigeria College of Accountancy official website address in response to the EndSars protests. 

Anonymous at @youranoncentral groups promise to hacks more popular Nigerians government websites and all companies website that is against EndSars protests.


Hackers are demanding Nigerians Government to end swat as it's still the same SARS with changing of name.


Below you can see the Hacker Tweets on Twitter 

According to the SCREENSHOT below the Hacker @litemods hijacked into Nigerian College of Accountancy with domain

But at this time the Hacker didn't shut down the Nigerian College of Accountancy but hijacked into it and post a contents about EndSars. The Hackers published a posts on the website and said EndSars.


Images SCREENSHOT below 





Anonymous is a group of hackers that is against bad government and corruption in a country. Anonymous is for the citizens that are intimidated by their government.


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