Faith is the substance of things that you didn't you hope for and the evidence of things that you didn't see Hebrew 1:1

Faith is acceptance of scriptural responsibilities for the achievement of practical impossibilities,

Faith is the partnership of humanity with divinity for the establishment of possibilities on Earth,

And faith is a key that opening does in to the relms fo possibilities,

This woman with the issue of suffered for twelve years with bleeding,

One day as she saw Jesus passing by, 

She run and tourch the Fringe of his garments,

Jesus realize that power has gone out of him,

As he turn he realized that the woman with the issue of blood was healed totally,

This woman before she touched the fringe jesuJ garments,

She declared with faith when see tourch Jesus gament he would be heal,

That is exactly what was happened,

There is power in faith Jesus says if ye have faith as a mustard seed you can command this tree to move from here to another place,

I urge you to have faith In God.


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