See six things you should never do on a first date

Dating is A form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals with the aim of assessing the other's suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse.

So do you know the most important type of dating? Its the first date! The first time you get to spent with a potential partner,


this is very a very imported and delicate moment, so delicate that a very small mistake or misbehavior  can destroy your partners perception about you! And we all know A photo of two dating couples first impression matters.


Most times we make mistakes on a first date without even knowing it, so today I will show you six common mistakes that you should contiously avoid during a first date.

1. TALKING ABOUT YOUR EX: Try to focus on your first date because this date is between two of you and you are here to know each other.


Choose your words or topics very carefully because when you will discuss something it will have a good or bad impression. Especially don’t talk about your ex on your first date. No one likes talking about others ex on the first date.

2. NEGATIVE BODY LANGUAGE: Body language is very important when you are meeting someone very first time or on your first date. Make sure to have good body language because some people are very creative and they try to judge someone with their words and body language. And it’s your first date so you should also be very careful about  yourself and behave nicely. This is a common mistakes people make on the first date



3. TALKING TOO MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF: It is important to give time and space to each other, especially when it comes to talking. When you listen to someone you understand them more,

not everyone shows their nature so sometimes you need to judge the person by their words. On your date try not to talk too much and talking should be 50/50 so you both will understand each other. Because everyone always has something to say.



4. BEING LATE: For some people, time is very important and if you are late on your first date it shows that you are not interested in this date. So make sure to be in time on your first date. Waiting is very hard and especially when someone is waiting for you on the first date, they might also have some plans but if you are late it will make the person sad.


5. TOO MUCH PHONE: Listening to someone and giving him attention is a very obvious thing. It is very simple when you are not interested in talking to someone you find some ways to ignore them.

So on your first date if you will keep using your phone instead of giving time on your date your partner will think that you are not interested in him or her or  that they could be  making you bored. So when you go on your first date don’t touch your phone.


6. MAKING THE DATE AN INTERVIEW:  The date is not an ordinary interview. So when you go on your first date make sure you know how you talk and what questions you ask.


Don’t keep asking questions because it will make him or her very uncomfortable. If you want to know something about them, let them speak and ask only a few questions.

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