See photos of the supreme court staff amongst those beheaded in the zambari attack

yesterday can only be described as a tale of horror and agony in zabarmari a Local Government Area of Borno State on Monday

as the dead boy of a  staff of the supreme court was found on his farm with his head already decapitated.



According to sources who got information that the deceased man ,

known as Suleiman Abdulkareem who is a security guard with Upper Area Court in the local government area met his sudden and untimely death when he ventured in to his farm to cultivate some crops for personal use,


it was at that moment he got ambushed by the unknown bandits, who rapidly attacked  him with machetes to death and had his head seperated from his neck.




According to the neighbors and others who were close to him, they a  stated that the deceased man was always a kindhearted and gentle man,

unworthy of the grew some fate that befell on him, as he only went to his farm that day with the intentions of harvesting some farm produce when for personal and market use, before he was agonizingly  killed.


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