See photos of 8 year old who is friends with a python

Pets are known for their cute and beautiful nature as well as  for being one of the best form of company to man.

Although pets may vary shapes and sizes, it is always a Shocking mystery when a pet is Something Humans consider repulsive as reptile in this case two 15-foot tall python.

Snakes have always been an animal of huge repulsion for humans, so you probably see why this is a huge topic? 

Emi picture

Emi’s who is just 8-years old in the uk has established close friendship with two huge pythons whose names are Sonny and Char,

she is seen playing and even cuddling with both snakes with no form of fear or repulsion towards the two giagantic snakes regardless of their sizes.

Pythons are known for strangulation of their prey by wrapping their body around the preys and squeezing it to death.

The father who insists that the snakes have not exhibited any form of violent or hostile behaviour towards them and infact are much more kind than some human beings,

he praised both snakes for being of good behavior and not expressing any violent behavior .

Emi and snake


He also stated in an interview amidst the trust he has for the snakes, he would never leave his daughter alone with any pet whatsoever and the safety of his daughter is

his number one priority regardless of how his daughter has established closed friendship

with the snakes and even despite his love for snakes, he still holds his daughter in first place over all.

Ed Taoka is 39 years and a father to Emi, and a massage therapist. This duo is not afraid to show the world that snakes are indeed the most misunderstood reptile.

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