See four new policies made by the new president of America, one of them involves Nigeria

On Wednesday, a new president for the United States was sworn in. Republican President Donald Trump left his office while Democratic president Joe Biden replaced him. It is well known that the two parties share different views on a lot of issues so a lot of policies that Joe Biden would put in place will be completey different from the former presidents own.


On his first day in office, Biden has already started making new policies that are completely different and opposite from Trumps own. Here are some of the new things he's done:




1. He removed travel ban placed on some countries:


Joe Biden has removed the travel ban placed by Trump which banned the citizens of several Muslim majority countries and African countries like Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, e.t.c from entering the US. Biden decried the travel ban describing it as discriminatory and an affront to the country's values.




2. Stopped the construction of Trump's mexico border wall:


The construction of a Wall blocking the whole boundary between America and Mexico was one of Trump's main policies when he came into office. The wall was meant to stop illegal immigration from Mexico to the US but it just resulted in unnecessary expenses. Biden has issued an executive order halting construction of the wall.




3. Enforced the need to wear masks:


During Donald Trump's tenure, preventive measures were not being fully taken to prevent the coronavirus and even the ex president himself showed a lackadaisical attitude to the pandemic by coming out to public events without masks even as the virus killed thousands.


Joe Biden on the other hand, signed an executive order mandating the need for people to wear masks in all federal buildings and on federal lands in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.




4. He cancelled Trump's move to leave WHO:


During his tenure, Trump made a decision for the US to leave the World Health Organization and redirect its funds to US global health priorities.


President Biden cancelled the move by Trump to withdraw from WHO by submitting a letter to the WHO staying that the US intended to stay in WHO and would be a “full participant and a global leader” in confronting the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and other public health threats.

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