We are in the era where people are behaving according to their whims and caprices,

They concerned for the lust of flesh than the spirit,

The Bible says for the canal minded is deaths but the spiritual minded is life, however people choose death rather than the eternal life,

It is exactly the story of Joshua and the people of Israel, when he was death and people of Israel went back to their mud and mess as a pig,

Pig will go to your farm or house destroying your crops or properties and you will piers him with a spear nevertheless tomorrow he would come back that is exactly how the people of this generation are behaving,

Judges 2:10 stated that we are in generation without God,

A generation without God is when people forgeted their creator and living in are detestable and abhorrent life,

Immaging humanbeihum will have sexual intercourse with an animal,

This is underestimation, inferiority complex, this is the sin that bring Sodom and gomara in the Bible that God send a fire from heaven and the inhabitants of that land,

People are encouraging to continue with homosexualism and lesbianism,

This is disgraceful and abomination in the side of God and responsible man kind,

The Bible says our bodies is the temple of the holy Spirit,

God dwells in our hearts but now we are defiling our self,

In this generation it will be hard to find a guy or a lady of twenty years old that is a virgin, very hard to get the why? Generation without God,

When people have a problem they will not submit it to God but a native Doctor why?A generation without God,

When people want to rich they would not submit it to God but they would join a cultism,illuminatee for survival why? A generations without God.

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