School resumption in Nigeria: Every student, parent or teacher should know about this.

Schools in Nigeria may likely resume in this month of September as many states in the country have already announced dates for schools resumption in their various states.


Students washing their hands.

Many school owners, students, teachers and parents have began preparing for school resumption so that they can be fully prepared as schools resume in September.


Though the federal government has not yet given any particular date for school resumption in the country, it has however, approved the preparations made to towards schools resuming in the country.

It directed state governments and school owners who want to resume to begin risks assessment so that they would be able to see the level of preparation in each state.


The FG has not announced any date, but in August, the Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, announced that school resumption is around the corner and students should have patience with the government.


When a declaration or announcement is made on when schools will resume, you will surely be informed when that happens.


However, there have been many announcements that have been made concerning the issue of school resumption which will be shared with you shortly.


These announcements are stated below.


Third term fees will still be paid.


According to the minister of State for Education, third term fees will be paid by those attending private schools because private schools are not charity organizations but are businesses that need to be paid for their services. This may also mean that the third term for 2019/ 2020 session is not cancelled.


No resumption date set by FG.


The FG has still not given any specific date on when schools will resume. It only directed school owners and state governments to get ready for school resumption.


Only state governments have given dates for school resumption in the country.




Social distancing in schools.


Social distancing in a class.

There will be social distancing measures taken in schools to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. The distance between students will be more than it used to and parents may not be allowed to enter schools.




The phased reopening of schools


According to the PTF on Covid-19, schools will reopen in a phased manner. For example, SS students may be allowed to resume before other classes. It may also be that some classes will come in the morning while others will come in the afternoon.


Whatever way the government plans to open schools, it will surely be in phases.


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