"Say No To Abortion", Use This Natural Solution Instead To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy

 Most nursing mothers are having issues with unwanted pregnancy and it is quite alarming. While some mothers try to practice "family planning", that is to space their kids while giving birth, many others don't achieve their aim. 

 I have decided to help write an article about how to effectively use a natural method instead of going for abortion.

 Now, instead of taking the risk of hurting yourself, use a natural method of contraceptive, Negro Pepper also called "UDA water".

Negro Pepper also called "UDA"

 Unlike other hormonal contraceptive, UDA water don't have any side effect, but it only prevent pregnancies. It is also safe to be used by breastfeeding mothers, and UDA waters contains vitamins like; vitamin A, B1,B2, C, E and folic acid.

Steps to Prepare UDA Water:

√. Get about 250 grams of UDA and put it into a clean pot.

√. Acid water of about 60cl.

√. Boil the UDA for about 5minutes and then, allow it to cool.

√. When the solution (UDA water) is cooled, then store it into a container. You can also preserve it in a refrigerator for a month at 25°.

√. Drink it immediately after sexual intercourse with your husband, and just a glass will do.

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